Hi, I’m Rico Smith,

I began investing in Real Estate at the age of 21 and have since completed over 450 wholesale real estate deals, authored 2 books, and created MadPaper Coaching, an educational company that has helped thousands of people across the United States discover how to flip their first property for a profit.

You want to make money. And my goal is to help you make it and go from broke to bountiful – even if you’re busy, clueless, or have never done anything like this before.

See, everybody wants to make money and become financially free – we just don’t know how.

If you’re like me, you’ve dreamed about becoming rich for years.

You want to get the riches you were born to attain, then invest them into becoming financially free – while still having plenty of time for your family, friends, career, and other hobbies.

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You just don’t know where to start or how to do it. And most “experts” have horrible advice

✗  “You need to spend years building your list of buyers” (who has that kind of time?!)

✗ “Just try these 100 tactics and see what works”

✗ “It’ll take years to become a successful wholesaler”

Follow conventional wisdom and you might still be dreaming about buying and selling houses for profit years from now.

rico journey

Fortunately, there’s a better, faster, easier way to turn your dream into reality.

My success story began when I became aware of the universal laws.

You see, I discovered that the true secret to becoming successful in wholesale real estate and that is to understand the ratio of 90 percent of self development and 10 percent know-how. Once you understand this, everything else will fall into place! You don't need to overwhelm yourself with the wrong information any longer. I've spent 6 years in the trenches obtaining powerful knowledge through failure and sacrifice. Most so-called gurus are out here selling bottled-up information and they charge an arm and a leg to obtain "true" coaching. It's sad because these gurus don't even actively do real live real estate deals! Don't fall for the hype! My coaching program speaks for itself. 

What other gurus won’t tell you: WHOLESALE REAL-ESTATE IS NOT FOR EVERYONE. This business is only for the ones that are eager, hungry, and ready to capture financial freedom. Most people think this is a quick get-rich scheme. However, this is REAL and will require hardwork, dedication and you may even have a few sleepless nights! But the outcome is phenomenal!!


What's the “code”? You don't need more information - you need a system.
  Whether you've dreamed of wholesaling (or flipping) real estate, building wealth, and creating real financial freedom...

   You don't need:

      ✗ Tons of free time

      ✗ Inspirational Speeches

      ✗ Overload of Real-Estate Books

      ✗ Years of practice and frustration

      ✗ College degree / OR A REAL ESTATE LICENSE

You just need a proven system and strategies to guide you from amateur to professional REAL ESTATE WHOLESALER
and that's exactly what you'll learn in
my MadPaper Coaching Program.