How to Stay Committed Through Real Estate Hardships

Hey guys, Rico, MadPaper coming back to you and I want to give you a very, very, very powerful tip. Remember, if you're going to get involved in wholesale real estate, you have to have a high level of commitment. You have to have a high level of commitment.

I get so many people that come up to me, they want to flip houses, but when they see the obstacles that arise in wholesale real estate, they give up very quick.

Okay. Now here are some tips that I can help you with staying committed.

I want you to go back over your ‘WHY’ in life. Why are you doing what you're doing? If you're sitting over there on the opposite side of that screen, you said, “I want to make some money.” That's not enough, okay! What is your purpose in life? Go a little bit deeper than just making money. Why do you want to make the money? For example, do you want to help your family get out of the rut they're in? You know, do you want to leave that Daddy and job? Being around miserable, sick people all day that's bringing you down? You know? Do you want to help someone achieve their dreams or do you just want to help yourself? Become a self-confident person? A more enriched individual in life? All right. You have to realize and think on these things.

Think on your pain. This is going to help you stay committed through the obstacles.

If you're not committed at wholesale real estate, you're gonna have a lot of difficulty. I'm telling you, if that difficulty keeps arising, you're gonna quit. Okay, stay committed. Which, in return, will allow you to stay consistent and you will reap the benefits.



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