The Power of a Positive Team

Yo what up guys! Rico Smith, coming to you from my hometown city, Memphis, Tennessee, and I wanted to give you some very powerful advice. You know I love giving advice and keeping my students motivated in wholesale real estate and today I want to talk about

staying around positive people. Staying around people who will ensure that you will reach your goals. Staying around like-minded individuals who will stay positive and give you some helpful information instead of negative information that will keep you down. All right? I had to learn it. it's the individual in life, you know, becoming a person who is not average. You want to have high powerful thinking thoughts and as you go on through life, you go around other individuals who don't have the same matching frequency as you and you're gonna learn that. So when you share your dreams and desires with these individuals they're gonna shoot them down immediately. It's gonna rub you off very, you know, in a negative way. But don't let that alarm you. I want you to stop right there and know that there are people that are just like you and you can find them. All right?

Stay away from the miserable, sick, broke, busted and disgusted and find out where the happy and peaceful and rich play. All right?

You will attract more of the things that you guys want to attract because you're keeping that fire and frequency built up together. I heard this saying coming up in wholesale real estate. They said that if five of your friends were broke, busted and disgusted, you were going to be the sixth one!

So think about that guys and take heed. Hang around like-minded individuals that's going to keep you positive and staying on track.



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